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The Best and Worst
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The Best and Worst


So u cant decide what to do u need a new truck but what can u trust.... will it be reliable and also will it be a smooth and powerful ride.... and what about gas mileage dont worry REDNECKS.COM has ur back and we our excited to help u make decisions on ur next purchase.....we love trucks and thats what were best at

FORD'S BEST 1980-2004

2. 1993 Ford F-150 4x4. with a 300 inline6 these trucks sound wimpy but dont underestimate them the automatic of these trucks was a poor machine however the manual version provided a much more reliable motor that still had a fair amount of torque. these trucks were never made notorious for engine failures or other mechanical defects witch really helped ford stay in the game.
REDNECK RATING: 8.1 out of 10

FORD'S WORST 1980-2004
1. 1984-1998 Ford F-150,250 4x4. with a 302 v8 "arguably the worst motor in history" any ford possesing this engine is a PILE! and should be avoided at all cost. this engine single handedly ruined Ford's otherwise good reputation and eternally scarred the company allowing chevrolet's resale value to skyrocket while Ford's plumitted but it was more than just the poor motor it was also that ford put this engine in everything!!!! literally the only good this motor ever brought was a few mustangs with impressive ability but this engine simply couldnt preform in the larger truck and van bodies it was placed in. people often ask why we give Ford's a hard time well... this motor is the reason lets pray that Ford never does anything like this again in the meantime if ur buyin a truck and u intend to make it nice.... for the love of God do not buy a 302.
PILE O' HEAP RATING: -10 out of -10

CHEVY'S BEST 1980-2004
1.1982-1988 Chevrolet k-10,k-20 4x4. with the 350 v8 these chevy's possesed an impressive amount of factory power and it didnt matter if u got the auto. or the manual bcuz u really didnt lose anything other than maybe gas mileage. these engines were considered very reliable for a truck motor and becuase of the fact they were carbureted they possesed a non electronic controlled motor giving them fewer little fix it's these are some of the best trucks chevy ever made they were tough and dependable with tight suspension that could be loaded down and not sag even a millimeter. in a way u could say that these trucks made chevy's reputation for good vehicals
REDNECK RATING: 8.6 out of 10

CHEVY'S WORST 1980-2004
1. 1988-1999 Chevrolet k-1500,2500,3500. these trucks came with automatic and manual transmissions and a slew of motor blocks to choose from but why are they chevy's worst... simple the tranny yep the chevy's became utterly notorious for transmission failure around 150,000 miles on there truck all through 88-99 but by the time people realized it chevy had already changed there systems in 1999 chevy went with the light 350 turbo rather than the 400 standard plus the new 327 motors were designed to go easier on the tranny. im not saying these trucks were totall piles but if u buy one expect to replace the tranny around 130,000-150,000 miles......yea i know thats weak.
PILE O' HEAP RATING: -6.9 out of -10

DODGE'S BEST 1980-2004
1. 1992-1998 Dodge Ram 1500,2500,3500 4x4. any of these trucks that featured the infamuous cummins turbo deseil. will rock ur world these motors became so well known that u can litteraly see more dodges on the road than any other truck in pa. theyre seem to be dodges everywhere and with the reputation that cummins made is it any wonder. in the early 90's dodges awesome power wagons were gone and theyre 318 and 360 motors were being harrased by chevy and fords 350 and 351 engines but along came cummins and truck drivers have never been the same. if ur gonna buy a truck i would definitly suggest tryin to find one of these its not easy but if u do ull have urself a peice of truckin history and a great machine.
REDNECK RATING: 9.8 out of 10

DODGE'S WORST 1980-2004
1. 1988 Dodge Ram 1500,2500. these trucks featured a particularily bad 318 and 360 motors that nearly washed dodges truckin industry off the road chevy's and ford's alike were moppin the floor with these trucks and without the juicy power of the power wagons chevy and ford were taking advanage. this truck had less power than ford and less tow rating than chevy it wasnt the most horrible truck ever "cough cough 302 ford cough" but it was still a bit of a heap.
PILE O' HEAP RATING: -7.1 out of -10

well we hope u have a little better idea of the truck u want now. if nothing else perhaps u now have a better spectrum of which company is best either way were glad to be of assistance thank you.
                                    REDNECK.COM Creators..
                                          A-ron Zimmy.
                                          D-man Matthie.